• The function of cable glands: methods...
    03 November, 2015

    The function of cable glands: methods...

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    PDF öffnen The function of cable glands: methods of use and installation May, 2015 The cables entry into electrical explosion-proof junction boxes suitable for areas with hazardous atmosphere can be performed in several ways in compliance with EN 60079-14 standard. In particular,... Readmore

  •  Emergency lighting systems in...
    03 November, 2015

    Emergency lighting systems in...

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    PDF öffnen     April, 2015 As everyone knows, emergency lighting means illumination designed to operate when the ordinary one is missing. This is one of the main principals of plants safety to allow the evacuation of people in case of danger, or even, more simply, to allow... Readmore

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    03 November, 2015